Refer a Friend

How it works?

Our referral program allows you to earn “free credit” towards your next purchase!

Refer a friend to Dolce Amore Sweets and get 10% off your next purchase and reduce the cost of your own cake order for a future event! For example…

> Julia refers Maria to Dolce Amore Sweets

> Julia saves 10% on her next purchase.

It’s simple, add your name, address and phone number to the back of our business card when you pass them out to your friends or give this information to your friends and let them know to tell me who referred them. There is a one (6) month expiration date for your credit.

Credit will be placed in your file once your friend has paid for their cake in full. Even if you have not ordered a cake from us you will still be able to earn “free credit”.

We will not issue cash for “free cake credits”. They can only be redeemed towards your next order.